State of the art theft detection and prevention systems for motor homes.

Our CAN bus based SafeStoptm product detects if the vehicle is started or moved regardless of whether a key is used and disables the engine. The system also alerts our 24/7 NOC and provides position and a live audio/video feed of the drivers seat positions. The horn sounds and all CAN bus addressable lights will flash (hazards and headlights) Existing CAN bus sirens and immobilisers can also be configured to trip.

Our solution has four distinct elements, all of which are CAN bus installed.All the system elements communicate with each other and when the system is armed, tampering with any one element will cause the system to trigger.

Our system is compatible with and complements both factory fitted and after market alarms and immobilisers.

Our main use case is to protect against key cloning and ECU replacement type attacks.


SafeStop Pedal box. This option is fitted inside your existing pedal lock box and provides an immobilzer trip if the lock box is removed or tampered while the system armed.

Contact us today for options and prices. Note: Our system does not feature an ultrasonic based intrusion zone alarm – we augment rather than replace traditional vehicle alarm/immobiliser systems.